Workers' Comp. & Social Security

Workers' Compensation

Millions of employees are injured at work each year and thousands of these accidents result in serious injuries and death. Employees who are injured while on the job are entitled to compensation for their injuries. In death cases, families may be entitled to compensation. Depending upon the circumstances of the injury, the hurt person may be entitled to compensation through the workers’ compensation system, a personal injury lawsuit, or both. Employees who have suffered a work injury should seek the advice of a law firm that is well-recognized for its experience and expertise in injury cases. It is important that the firm has the resources and knowledge required to identify and litigate all of the available claims. This will help ensure that the worker receives the optimum compensation and benefits to which he or she is entitled.

Social Security

Social Security Disability (SSD) is a system of benefits that is paid to individuals by the federal government if they are unable to work for an extended period of time because of a recognized medical condition. The types of conditions that may qualify a person for Social Security Disability benefits include mental, neurological, cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, respiratory conditions, and more. However, it should be noted that simply being afflicted with a medical condition is not something that will automatically qualify a person to receive SSD. Getting help and guidance from a Social Security Lawyer is advised if you are not sure whether you qualify for SSD or not.

There are millions of Americans around the country who are afflicted by one type of medical condition or another who are able to work. The person applying for social security benefits must not just prove to the SSA that the condition exists, but must also prove that it is the condition which is affecting the person’s ability to work for an extended period of time. This can be done with the help of an experienced and qualified Social Security Disability Attorney. Generally, a disability must be expected to prevent a person from working for a period of at least a year before the SSA will consider extending benefits to the applicant. The social security lawyers at The Gardner Law Firm are experienced in handling such cases. Call us for a Free Case Review to discuss your case.

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